Views Strip


The Views Strip is used to save Views of the models from different camera angles and with different colors, object visibility, and markups. These Views are saved and can be reused and shared with other members of the project.

Using the Views Strip

Search Views

Use the Search function to search for a view. Searching Views will show results for Views that are grouped. Searching inside a group will only shows matching Views within that group.

Search parameters: View title

To search

The views will be filtered.

Filter Views

The Views panel can be filters by:

To know who has shared a view, hovering over a shared view will display the tooltip Created by <user name› (this is only shown when the list is filtered for Shared with me).

While in this filtered view, the only control the user can do is Load with Original Model Versions.

Save a Model View as an Image

To save a model as an image

Set a View as Project Image

View can also be set as project thumbnail by right clicking, Set as project thumbnail. Project thumbnails are shown in both project library and Data Tab.

To set a View as the thumbnail

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