Project Details

Opening Your Project

When double clicking a project, it will open, and Trimble Connect for Windows will automatically go to the Project Details page, where you will find the project information and project content.

From the Project Details, you can manage the project files and folders, views and ToDos. After the project synchronization is complete, the project and it's content will also be available in other Trimble Connect applications.

Basic Project Functions

On the upper right side of the Data Tab are buttons that allow to open quickly the project in Trimble Connect for Browser.

Synchronize Your Project
All project entities can be synchronized using the Synchronize button.

View Your Project Online
Click the View Online button to open the project Data Tab in the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

View Your Project's Team
Click the Team button to open the project Team tab in the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

View Your Project's Activity
Click the Activity button to open the project Activity tab in the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

You can click the Activity tab in the project detail view to see all actions made since the project was created. For example, you can see when files have been attached or removed, or when users have been invited or have joined the project.

Explorer Pane

Project content is added and managed through the Explorer pane.

Views Pane

When switching back from 3D to Data Tab, last view settings are saved and a View is automatically created in the Views pane. That View will be shown there until you reopen the 3D Viewer. 

Clicking this view allows you to quickly go back to the last used 3D Viewer in order to be able to continue working where you left off.

ToDos Pane

ToDos created from any of the Trimble Connect applications are also listed in the ToDos Pane.

By default, the ToDos pane is filtered to only show the ToDos that are assigned to you. If needed, this can be changed using the Show dropdown. You can view filter the ToDos to show all ToDos, ToDos created by you or ToDos assigned to you.

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