Projects Listing

Project Server Locations

The project server location setting is important as we have our servers in three different regions to increase performance for customers located all over the world. 

The servers are located at the following regions:

Projects that you have created or been invited to will be separated by these regions. The default region is All regions.

Project server locations cannot be changes after the project has been created.

Tile vs. List View

Choose between list and tile view to list your projects. In list view thumbnails are smaller and projects are shown as a table. All project functionalities work the same. Project removal and thumbnail update functionalities are accessible through the right click contextual menu.

Sorting Projects

Sorting can be done in ascending or descending by clicking the arrows in the Sort by box. The blue arrow indicates the current sort order.

Projects can be sorted from project library using the following properties:

Search Projects

You can search through your project library by using the search field. Only projects matching the search criteria are displayed in the library. 

Search parameters: Project name

To search for a project

The list will be filtered.

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