Adjusting Point Cloud Settings

Accessing the Point Clouds Panel

The point cloud panel allows you to adjust and control the settings for all point clouds loaded in the 3D View.

Depth Perception


The EDL (Eye Dome Lighting) technique is used in Trimble Connect for Windows. The EDL allows to enhance a viewer’s perception of a point cloud, by adding contour and basic shading. EDL thickness, EDL strength, point size and point density values are saved to registry so values are remembered between sessions.

Point clouds depth perception can be affected in different ways by adjusting the EDL effect. EDL is activated by default when adding a point cloud, but it can be disabled by clicking the EDL button. When disabled, EDL's thickness and strength cannot be changed anymore.


The thickness parameter gives how big of an area around every point to include in the calculations, a bigger area resulting in a more sensitive distinction between the points.


The strength parameter sets how heavy of emphasis should these distinctions be given. Thickness and strength by dragging the related sliders.

Point Size & Point Density

Point size and density can also be adjusted by dragging the sliders. This affects all points currently shown in 3D.

Coloring Point Clouds

When adding a point cloud, the default coloring is used. However, this coloring can be changed to use either the points elevation or the model classifications.

Color by Elevation

Once clicking Elevation, the color is defined for all points depending on their elevation. Three values have to be defined:

  • Top

  • Middle

  • Bottom

Elevation values can be changed either by dragging the sliders, or by writing the wanted values in the editing fields. The range of possible values for each elevation is defined by the others elevation. Thus, the range for Middle elevation is always between the highest value of Bottom elevation and lowest value of Top elevation.

How Coloring Works

    • Points with an elevation equal or above the defined Top value are colored in red;

    • Points with an elevation equal or under the Bottom value are colored in blue.

    • Points with an elevation included between Top and Bottom values are a blend of green and red, or green and blue, depending on the range and middle value. The closer from the Bottom value, the more blue; The closer from the maximum value, the more red.

Color by Classification

Classifications can also be used as coloring. All points will be colored based on their classifications. Classifications colors are shown under the classifications section of the Point Clouds Tab.

Point Cloud Classifications

Once the model has been added to Trimble Connect for Windows correctly, its classifications are added under the classifications section.

Parts of the point clouds can be hidden by using the visibility icons next to classifications. Points that belong to that classification will be hidden accordingly.