Supported File Formats

You can upload and download both 2D files and 3D models in Trimble Connect for Windows. 2D files can be photos, text files, excel sheets, documents, or other similar files.

Revit Importer(BETA)

It is now possible to add Revit (.RVT) model files to the project and view them in 3D using the Connect for Windows application. Note that this feature is not intended to replace the Trimble Connect for Revit Add-In which gives you the most control over choosing which Views get uploaded along with other upload settings. This feature offers a quick, but less controlled, way of getting Revit models into Connect without having to install the Trimble Connect for Revit Add-In.

Navisworks Support(BETA)

It is now possible to add Navisworks (.NWD & .NWC) model files to the project and view them in 3D using the Connect for Windows application.

The Navisworks model viewing is released as a BETA feature. In this stage of the BETA period, the NWD & NWC file formats support plain 3D viewing only. The files cannot be used in other workflows, like for example in creating Views, ToDos or Clash checks. Also, there may be some models that are not rendered correctly or some property data may be incomplete.

SketchUp 2021 Support

At the time of writing, the SketchUp 2021 model format support is only available when the model files are uploaded using the Connect for Windows 1.11 application. If a SketchUp 2021 model file is uploaded using any other application, like the TC for Browser or the TC Sync applications, the file cannot be viewed in 3D in Trimble Connect. This is because the SketchUp 2021 conversion is only available in the local Windows application processing. We’re working to introduce the SketchUp 2021 conversion support also to the cloud processing as soon as possible.

Also note that until the SketchUp 2021 cloud processing support is introduced, it may be necessary to manually retry the model file conversion to view SketchUp 2021 models in the browser. Should you experience any problems with viewing SketchUp 2021 model files, make sure to run the “Retry file conversion” command from the Models panel in Connect for Windows 1.11. The command is visible in the context menu for project admins.

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