Models Listing

About the Models Listing

The Models Tab contains all models in the project that have been downloaded and can be read in Trimble Connect for Windows.

    • All readable models that have already been downloaded in the project can be shown in the Models Tab.

    • Local model files can also be directly added to the 3D view by using the Add model button in Model Selection dialog. Please see the next section for details.

    • If a model has been updated on the server side, an update icon will appear next to that model in the Models Tab. Clicking the update icon will download the new version of the model and load it into the 3D view automatically.

    • The new version of the file will not be downloaded until the user explicitly downloads the file.

    • When selecting a model from the Models Tab, it also gets selected in 3D. However, hovering over a model will not highlight it in 3D view, so that browsing the Models Tab remains smooth.

Model & Folder Visibility

Model visibility can be changed from the Models Tab. Changes are applied to all objects the model contains.

Search Models

The Models Tab can be searched by using Search function, located in the upper right corner.

  • Pressing ENTER validates the entry, and the Models Tab turns into a flat list, displaying only the model groups/models corresponding to the applied filters.

  • Combination of texts and tags can be used to cross filter the list and display only the model groups/models matching all search entries.

Search Parameters: Created by, Tags, File/Folder name

To search

  1. Open a folder or your project in Trimble Connect for Windows 3D Viewer.

  2. Open the Models panel.

  3. Click the Search button to open the search field.

  4. Type the search word in the search field.

  5. Hit the ENTER key.

The list will be filtered.

Model Groups

The model listed in the Models Tab follows the project hierarchy created in the Data Tab. All models are found under a main group (root folder), which has the project name. All folders in the project are also represented in the Models Tab as Model Groups.

Users cannot create new model groups from the Models Tab That being said, every change done from the Data Tab is reflected right away in the Models Tab (folder hierarchy and name, files location and name, etc...).

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