File Version History

Viewing File Versions & Revision History

Trimble Connect allows you to track, download and view the revision history of your uploaded files. Using the Revision History dialog you will have access to view all of the revisions of a file, download a particular revision of the file and view a particular revision of the file.

To view a file's versions

Add a New File Version

To upload a new file version, the file must have the same name as the file stored in Trimble Connect

If the name of the file does not match the file you are trying to upload, it will be considered a new file and not replace the current one stored in Connect. 

When trying to add a file that already exists in the project a dialog will open, asking if you want to replace the file or keep the original. When you click OK the file will be added as a new revision. 

Download a Revision

Downloading revisions will make it possible to switch between the versions while using the 3D Viewer. Downloading is not the same as saving the file to your local machine.

To download a file version

The revision will now be available to view in your project.

Save a Revision

To save a file version to your computer

The revision will now be saved to your machine.