Text Markups


Text markups are used to write on object surfaces to add information to a View.

    • The text cannot be edited after creation.

    • The placement of the text box can be moved after creation, but the location of the arrow cannot be changed after creation.

    • Text markup color can be changed after creation.

    • The text will be moved, and an arrow indicates where the text was first created.

Add a Text Markup

To add a text markup

  1. Load a model in the Trimble Connect for Windows 3D Viewer.

  2. On the toolbar, open the Markup Menu.

  3. Activate the Text Markup tool.

  4. Pick the point where you want to add the text markup.

  5. Type the desired text in the text box.

  6. To save the text markup, press Enter on the keyboard.

  7. Press the ESC key and exit the Markup mode.

  8. To move the text, select the markup, and drag and drop it somewhere else.

An arrow points to the area where the markup was first created.

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