You can save model Views, or snapshots of the 3D View, and manage them in several ways using the Views list. For example, you can create a slideshow based on the existing model Views, save model Views on your computer as images, and set a model view as the project thumbnail.

This chapter covers creating Views and View Groups, using the Views strip, managing Views, sharing, editing and deleting Views.

Chapter Contents

01    |    Views Strip

02    |    Creating Views

03    |    Opening Views in 3D 

04    |    Views Slideshows

05    |    Sharing Views

06    |    Editing & Deleting Views 

07    |    Adding & Removing Views to the Views Pane 

08    |    Creating View Groups 

09    |    Adding & Removing Views from Groups 

10    |    Editing & Deleting View Groups 

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