Loading & Unloading Models

Prerequisites for Loading Models in the 3D Viewer

Converting to TrimBIM (.trb) Format

Converting the original model file to the TrimBIM format is a prerequisite for viewing models in the 3D Viewer. If you try to load a model that does not have TrimBIM ready, it will trigger the conversion process. This will lead to one-time delay for the user who needs to wait for conversion to finish.

The first time loading a model might be slow. After that, the files are loaded from the existing cache, which makes it faster. Loading progress is shown when the file is loading. Icon tooltip gives additional information about loading progress.

Load Models in the 3D Viewer

Models can be loaded one by one or you can load entire folders.

To load a single model

The model will be loaded in the 3D view.

To load a folder

All the models inside the folder will be loaded in the 3D view.

Unload Models in the 3D Viewer

Model loading can be managed from Models Tab through by right clicking a model or model group to open the context menu and selecting Unload. Unloaded models are still shown in the Models Tab, but their color indicator is removed, and their visibility indicator is set as hidden.


These instructions assume that you already have a model loaded in Trimble Connect for Windows 3D Viewer.

To unload a model

The model will be hidden from 3D view.