Working with Object Groups

Object Groups

For the object group, there is an arrow on the left side of the row, which allows you to expand or collapse the group when clicked. The number next to the object group name indicates how many objects are in the group.

Once expanded, objects in the group are shown under the group.

The Objects Tab can also be used to colorize, group, sort and filter objects, and then work with objects based on that filtering.

Change Object Grouping 

Use the Group by feature to group objects by any attribute existing in the project. Grouping is done through a dropdown menu in the top right part of the Objects Tab.

By default, objects are grouped by Object names.

Remove Object Grouping 

To remove object grouping select the empty option from the dropdown menu.

Sorting Object Groups

Sorting can be ascending or descending. This is indicated by the blue arrows next to the column used to do the current sorting.

Search Objects

Objects can also be filtered by using the filter field. Only objects that are matching the search criteria will be shown in the Objects Tab. 

Search Parameters: Object attributes