Objects Listing

Column Content

Column 1: Shows the color and visibility,

Column 2: The default is Object name, but this can be changed to show different content

Column 3: The default is Author name, but this can be changed to show different content

Column 4: Show clashes.

Changing Column Content

Users can also change the column content by right clicking the column header. Only the two middle columns content can be changed.

To change the column's content

  1. Load a model in the Trimble Connect for Windows 3D Viewer.

  2. Open the Model Object's tab.

  3. Right-click on one of the middle two columns.

  4. Select one of the listed attributes.

Choosing Objects to Display in the Tab

You have several options to decide which objects are shown in the Objects Tab. There are three different options available through the Show dropdown: All objects, visible objects, or objects in view.

All objects
All objects are shown in the Objects Tab, independently of their visibility in 3d view.

Visible objects
Only the visible objects are shown in the tab. When hiding an object, it will disappear from the tab.

Objects in view
Only the objects that are actually shown entirely or partially in the current 3D view are found in the Objects Tab.

This means that when navigating the 3D view, the content of the Objects Tab will change accordingly. A red dot can be seen next to the dropdown when navigating, indicating that the object list will be updated. Once the dot disappears, the list is updated.

Any hidden objects will not be listed.

Using the Objects Tab with the 3D View

  • The Objects Tab can be used to interact with the model objects shown in the 3D view.

  • When objects/object groups are selected in the Objects Tab, objects get also selected in the 3D view.

  • When hovering over objects/object groups, objects will be highlighted in the 3D view.

  • Right clicking objects or object groups will select them and open the context menu.