Creating View Groups

View Groups

View Groups are a collection of Views.

  • Double click a group to open and display its contents in the Views Strip.

  • The name of the group also appears in the top left corner of the Views Strip.

  • Views can be created directly inside the group

  • Groups cannot be created from within another group

  • Clicking the arrow located next to the View Group name allows you to go back to the Views Strip main level.

Create a View Group

To create a View Group

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Windows.

  2. Navigate to the 3D viewer.

  3. Open the Views Strip (if it is not already open).

  4. Select one or several Views.

  5. Right click.

  6. Select Group from the context menu.

The View Group is created.


You can also drag and drop a View on top of another one to create a group.