ToDo Attachments

Attachment Types

ToDos support 4 attachment types, and depending on the type of attachment and your permissions, different functions will be available for each. While working in Trimble Connect for Windows 3D Viewer, you will be able to add files (project files & uploaded files) and 2D & 3D Views and clashes.

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Project files & local files
Attached project files always point to the latest version of the file stored in the Connect Project.  

Supported actions in 3D Viewer: View, Remove

Both 2D & 3D Views are supported as attachments. 

Supported actions in 3D Viewer: View, View with original model versions, Remove


Supported actions in 3D Viewer: View, Remove

Add Attachments

Attach Project Files

To attach project files

Attach Local Files

To attach local files

The Windows Explorer opens. 


Files can also be now dragged and dropped from the computer directly to the ToDo (while it is in editing mode).

Attach 3D Views

To attach 3D Views


Views from the Views Strip can be also attached to the ToDo by dragging and dropping them from the Views Strip into the ToDo.

Attach 2D Views

To attach 2D Views

Attach Clashes

To attach clashes

The number of attached clashes is shown next to Add button.

Removing Attachments

CAUTION: Removing attachments cannot be undone. 

Remove Attached Files or Views

To remove attachments

Remove Clashes

To remove a clash