Clash Sets Listing

About the Clash Sets Listing

All the clash sets that you have created will be listed in the Clash Sets panel. From there you will be able to view the results, re-run tests and share results with other project members.

What are Clashes?

A clash is a structural conflict within a 3D model. Clash reports provide detailed Views of the clashes in the 3D model, showing a clearance as a positive measurement and a clash as a negative measurement.

Clash Sets & Model Versions

If one or more of the models that was used when running a clash set has been updated (ie. a new version is available), the related clashes are shown in red in the clashes tab (and are removed from the 3D View anymore), indicating that models have been updated, and that clash set needs to be rerun. 

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Quick Tip

If you load the previous model versions that were used in the clash set, the icons will be shown in 3D.

Synchronize Clash Sets

Clash sets can be synchronized on demand by clicking the Synchronize button, to make sure the latest clash sets are shown in the Clashes tab, and are up to date.

To synchronize

The clash sets will be synchronized from the cloud.

Grouping Clash Sets

When grouping the clashes by clash sets, each group represents a clash set. The clash set contains all clashes found when running it, and can be expanded/collapsed as needed.

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