Object Attachments

Attachment Types

Object attachments or object links are files, ToDos, or URLs that have been specifically linked to a particular model object. They can provide specific instructions or important information related to that object.

Link model objects to new ToDos. 

Project Files
Attached project files always point to the latest version of the file stored in the Connect Project.  

Add a custom URL

Adding Attachments

Attach New ToDo

Attach Files

Attach URL

View Attachments

Links are also visible from the object context menu, where related ToDos and files are also shown. Links can be removed from the object using the contextual and by clicking the Trash button.

Change Object Attachment Visibility

Links icons in 3D can be shown/hidden from the visibility toolbar on top of the 3D view, by using the Object Links button.

Object Attachment Permissions

Only the user who added the attachment, or the Project Admin, can remove an attachment in Trimble Connect for Windows. 

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