Coloring Markups

Coloring Markups

Measurements and markups can be colored using one of the colors available in Trimble Connect for Windows. The different available colors are shown on the right. To create a markup with another color, simply choose the wanted color, and then create the measurement/markup.

The chosen color is then displayed in the toolbar to indicate what will be the color used from now on.

You can also change the color of an already existing markup if you want by selecting the measurement/markup and changing the color. Colors are saved in Views.

Set the Global Color for Markups

Setting the global color will apply to all new markups & measurements.

To set the global color for markups

Change the Color for a Single Markup

If you want to override the global color, and set the color for a single markup, you can do so by selecting the markup and then choosing the desired color.


These instructions assume that you have already created a markup in Trimble Connect for Windows 3D Viewer.

To change the color for an existing markup 

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