Creating Sequences

A sequence can have multiple steps. Each step can contain multiple objects, but those objects can only belong to only one step at any point in time. Empty steps without any objects are discarded when the sequence is saved.

To create a sequence

3. Add a step to the Sequence: Create a Step by selecting some objects and click Add Step.

For each step that is added, a View will be added to the View Group. The View Group will maintain the order in which the Steps (Views) are created in. The order of Views inside the View Group determines the order of steps.

4. To add more objects to steps: 

5. Add more steps as needed by following Step 3 & 4 above.
Note: As you add objects to the steps then will be hidden when you go to the next step in the Sequence.

6. Add notes or instructions into the Instructions field for each step. 

7. To delete steps from a Sequence:

8. When you are finished, click Save.

9. You will be prompted to share the Sequence with other users. Click Ok.

A new View Group will be added to your Views Strip.

Sequence View Groups will have the Sequence icon in the right corner.