ToDo Listing

About the ToDos Listing

The ToDos tab is used to create and manage ToDos to communicate information with all stakeholders throughout the project.

The ToDos list displays the ToDos added to the project. You can add ToDos and collaborate with other project members. ToDos are shared to all project members by default, but you can select a user or a user group to assign the ToDo with a due date when it needs to be resolved.

You can dock or undock the ToDos list, and move it around the 3D view.

ToDo Visibility

ToDos can be made private to the author or public to all users in the project. By default, ToDos are visible for all users in the project.

If you are a Project Administrator, you can change the privacy settings in the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

Learn more about user permissions ›

Understanding the ToDo Listing

ToDos information are shown as follows:

First row

Second row

Quick Tip

Synchronize ToDos

ToDos tab can be synchronized on demand by clicking the Synchronize button, to make sure the latest ToDos are shown in the ToDos tab, and are up to date.

To synchronize

The ToDos will be synchronized from the cloud

Search ToDos

ToDos can also be filtered by using the search field.

Search parameters: ToDo Title, ToDo Description, Tags, Assignee, Author

To search

The list will be filtered.

Sort ToDos

All columns can be used to sort the ToDos. By default, ToDos are sorted by Creation date (latest ToDo on top).

Sorting can be ascending or descending. This is indicated by the blue arrows next to the column used to do the current sorting.

Group ToDos

Grouping is done through a dropdown menu in the top right part of the ToDos tab. ToDos aren’t grouped by default. 

Grouping options are: 

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