Graphics Settings

Accessing the Graphics Settings

To access the graphic settings

  1. Open Trimble Connect for Windows.

  2. Click the Settings button located in the upper right corner of the application.

  3. The Graphics Settings tab is the second tab.

Graphic Options

Edge Lines
Edge lines can be enabled/disabled.

SSAO can be enabled/disabled.

FXAA lines can be enabled/disabled.

Depth Peeling
Depth peeling can be enabled/disabled.

Camera Animation
Camera animation time can be set between 10-5000 / milliseconds

Animation Quality
Camera animation quality can be set to High/Medium/Low


DirectX is used, with edge lines, SSAO and FXAA enabled.

DirectX is now the default and only available 3D engine. OpenGL is no longer supported in Trimble Connect for Windows starting from version 1.6.

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