Using Sequences


This feature gives users a walk-through of the steps involved in the construction of a model from scratch in a specified order. The purpose of this is for verification and construction of large models, created from several smaller models, over time.  To fully utilize this feature, the user must have a HoloLens headset and the Trimble Connect for HoloLens application installed. 

Accessibility of Model & Objects Windows

Users can work with Sequence window and Model or Object Windows simultaneously. To achieve this, the Sequence Tab can be undocked.

Object States

Visible State

When you first start a sequence, all objects will be in the visible state, meaning they do not belong to any steps yet. 

In Use State

Objects that belong to the selected step are shown in the In Use state. They will appear slightly darker than the other visible (used objects).

Hidden State

Objects that belong to the non-selected step are shown in a hidden state.

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