Inviting Users

Invite Users

You can invite users in Trimble Connect for Windows by using the Invite user button found in the Data Tab and in other places in the application.

To invite users to projects

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Windows.

  2. Click the Invite user button at the top of the page.

  3. The Invite Users dialog box opens.

  4. Enter the email of the user. You can enter multiple email addresses.
    Hit the ENTER Key to validate the email address.

  5. If you are a Project Admin you can select a Group and Role for the user.

  6. To send the invite, click Ok.

The user will receives an email with instructions on how to join the project.

How Inviting Works

Inviting Users Who Have a Trimble Account

If the invited user already has a Trimble Account, they will receive an email with the project link and will automatically be added to the project.

Inviting Users Who Don't Have a Trimble Account

If the invited user does not have a Trimble Account, they will receive an email instructing them to create a new account. When the users have joined, they can access the project and the folders and the files to which they have permissions to.

Project Member Invitation Settings

Some projects may require more strict control for inviting users into the project. A Project Administrator can select the option to allow all users to invite new project members or restrict project invitations to Project Administrators only for enhanced security.

If a Project Administrator has restricted this functionality, the Invite user button will be disabled/not work.

This setting can be accessed in the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

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